Ashley found her forever home

Ashley's Story

*Ashley's picture has been replaced to protect her identity.

When Ashley was 10 years old, she dealt with one of the saddest things a child could experience: Her mom passed away on Mother’s Day. Ashley’s father abused her and her older sister, and when she was 13, Ashley and her sister were removed from their home.

After five foster family placements, they went to meet a potential adoptive family. Ashley was afraid that when the family met her and her sister, they would not want them anymore—but she was wrong. Ashley and her sister are now happily waiting for their adoption to be final. Ashley feels that finding her forever family seems too good to be true, but she is ready for a new life with a mom, dad, her biological sister, and two new siblings.

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Ashley and hundreds of other children have found healthy families, but thousands of kids in the child welfare system still don’t have forever homes. Olive Crest works to find safe homes and support for foster kids in Washington. Since 1973, Olive Crest has transformed the lives of over 100,000 abused, neglected, and at-risk children and their families. But there is so much more to do. Every donation will help Olive Crest assist even more children in need.

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Our work at Olive Crest makes a difference one life at a time. On a daily basis I have the privilege to see the work we do impacting the life of children through healing, restoration, and love. Our families provide a stability most of these children have never experienced before. Please help us to support more foster kids and families by supporting us through Better Finds.

Jeff Judy, Executive Director at Olive Crest

3 Ways Olive Crest Will Use Funds

  • 01Foster Care Services: Olive Crest recruits, trains, and certifies foster family homes from the community to provide nurturing, secure, and therapeutically safe environments for foster children. Foster children and parents are provided ongoing therapy, training, and support services. If you'd like to learn more about becoming a foster family, learn more on Olive Crest's site!
  • 02Intensive Treatment Foster Care: ITFC parents provide homes to children who have complex emotional and behavioral needs that exceed what a regular foster care family can meet.
  • 03Safe Families For Children: Parents experiencing a temporary crisis can arrange for their children (newborn through 16 years old) to stay with Safe Families volunteers while they address the issues that led to the instability in their lives.
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