Better Finds App Beta Launch

New marketplace for good aims to change the way people buy and sell

SEATTLE, WA – Millions of people already use Craigslist and other marketplaces every day to clear out space in their homes, save money and even make money in some cases. Now, there’s a new marketplace app that’s looking to give people an entirely new reason to buy and sell, not just to get rid of items and save cash, but out of the joy of generosity.

Better Finds is an app that allows people to sell their unused items, and have the proceeds automatically donated to a charity of their choice. As an example, Mitchell can sell his old Fender guitar amplifier on Better Finds for $300 to Jonathan, and choose to have the payment from Jonathan go to One Hundred for Haiti (an organization that supports well-building and humanitarian efforts in Haiti.) Now instead of merely getting rid of his unused item, Mitchell is able to support a cause he cares about with money that would not have otherwise been available to him, and Jonathan gets the guitar amp just like he would on any other marketplace. Mitchell also gets a tax receipt for the full cost of the guitar amp, just like he would if he had donated $300 of his own cash to One Hundred for Haiti.

David White, co-founder of Better Finds says, “The idea of Better Finds is to create more moments of generosity, and help people experience the joy of giving in a whole new way.” Talking about the benefit for charities and their supporters, David notes, “Charities love it because Better Finds provides new funds for them that they would never get otherwise, and supporters love it because it’s a way to use their unused items to support amazing causes they really care about.”

The beta launch for Better Finds on iPhone and Android is September 15th, and the app will be fully functional and support giving to a few specific charities, including St. Vincent de Paul, One Hundred for Haiti, and some local churches in the Seattle area. Better Finds is looking to add all kinds of nonprofits, charities and church organizations as options for donating. If you are an owner, employee or loyal supporter of a nonprofit and would like to work with Better Finds, you can contact the Better Finds team on their website to get started or email them at