Get Rid of Your Stuff for Good

Get Rid of Your Stuff for Good

Discover Better Finds for a Win-Win-Win

We Americans sure enjoy our stuff. Or do we?

The average size of an American home has more than doubled since 1950 just to contain our belongings, but studies show that we tend to regularly use only 40% of the square footage we live in. We also have an average of $7200 worth of unused items in our homes.

As our homes overflow, we use self-storage space: $32.7 billion worth annually, according to IBISworld, a figure expected to grow by over $1 billion every year.

We are drowning in our possessions.

There is this crazy truth called the Law of Diminishing Returns. After a certain point, more stuff doesn’t equate to more happiness. Many of us may be asking ourselves: “Is this it? Is all this stuff actually making me happy or is it just cluttering up my life?” On the other hand we think, “I spent an awful lot of money acquiring all this stuff.” And hence our dilemma.

If you are at this crossroad, let us help you get rid of your things for good. 1.5 million non-profits around America might not be able to use your lamp, but they could use the funds it sells for. You can bring crucial help to worthy causes that you care about by using the free Better Finds app. Here’s how it works:

  1. You list the new or gently used items you want to donate. (It leaves your living space)
  2. Buyers pay the set price. (They get something they want at a great price)
  3. The non-profit of your choice gets a check. (Instead of simply receiving the old dresser they can’t use)

It’s a win-win-win.

If you’re ready to begin, let’s rethink our things by categorizing them.

Category #1 The Keepers

We all have things we love and use. They bring joy to our lives or serve a purpose. You may love your bookshelves and books, your mug collection, your old vinyl records, and your camping equipment. Keep that stuff. It makes you happy and you use it regularly.

Category #2 The Tossers/Recyclers

Shoes with holes in the back of the closet. The bits and pieces in the junk drawer. The 10-year-old car seat no one needs anymore. The old paintbrushes, plastic bags, and empty boxes. This stuff likely fills a lot of your shed or garage or the gloomy backs of closets. Maybe it’s time to toss, recycle, or donate these items to local thrift stores.

Category #3 Untapped Treasures

We all have things that are far too good to just throw away, but we don’t use or need them. The new toaster still in a box you’ve never opened. Your second set of china. Unused gifts. A sweater that never fit you. The treadmill that is now a coat hanger because you go to the gym instead, or at least say you do.

Here’s where you can make a drastic move from living with items you don’t need to doing good for organizations you care about passionately.

Use Better Finds like Craigslist or OfferUp. Download the free app, post photos of what you want to donate and list a price. Buyers can purchase the item and the amount will go directly to the charity of the seller’s choice. The item for sale does all the work. The seller gets a donation receipt for taxes, the buyer gets the item they need, and you gain space and sanity in your home.

Download the app today!


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